• Carl Campos, CEO

    Carl Campos is a dynamic strategic thinker who brings more than 35 years of architectural excellence to each of his endeavors. Complicated, intricate projects are those in which Carl’s expertise is most evident. Whether it’s designing highly technical facilities, planning standards for large corporations or gaining entitlement approval in a difficult jurisdiction or neighborhood, Carl meets each of our client’s needs on time and on budget while ensuring that every condition is met. Carl is also the President of the California Architects and Engineers Safety Association.

  • David Bogstad, President

    David Bogstad has been developing innovative solutions for a wide variety of projects for over 30 years, many with intricate and complex programs. David’s strong belief that collaboration brings about superior buildings begins with qualified teams of experienced consultants and extends to his work with government agencies. His passion for design, fine detail and constructability, together with his natural ability to motivate and energize the team, has resulted in the successful completion of a large portfolio of significant projects.